Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leica, I hate you

Leica M6, Zeiss Biogon 35mm f/2
Ok. I've been shooting TriX with the M6 since June, almost every day (certainly every day on average) and this is destroying my life. I stopped using the G10, and sold it a few weeks ago. (The long term value of a digicam tends to zero. I sold the G10 just before the G11 became available. Good move.) For a while I was shooting the D700 on weekends, because I love colour, but it's soooo heavy, and I just put colour film in the M6, and now I'm really reluctant to haul D700+24-70+70-300+++, like 4 kilos of camera and lens and shit? And now there's the M9, and I just got a 90mm Elmarit-M 2.8 on eBay. If anybody wants a D700 kit drop me an email. It's only a matter of time before it winds up on craigslist first eBay second, and I order an M9. I've decided that I hate 35mm film (strange since I really like 120 and 4x5) but I love the Leica. Trouble. This is trouble.

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. I've already been looking around for extra Leica lenses to put together a nice travel kit. The smaller body, and especially the smaller lenses make the Leica a much more appealing travel camera for someone who likes backpacking than my current kit (Elan 7e, 17-40, 50mm macro, etc). Can't wait till next year, when I can pull some Velvia through the M3 :-)